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About The Camp - Europe's best for fitness & weight loss

We were the first in Europe to come up with the concept of a weight loss and fitness boot camp based on our military experiences. Since then, it has created an entire industry. We are proud to be, not only the original but the undisputed market leader in boot camps in Europe. The magic of The Camp is its team. Our fully trained staff are a permanent and trusted team who have worked together for years both in the military and as civilians. We do not employ itinerant staff on a course to course basis. The team at The Camp has the unique qualifications to deliver, in complete safety, the results you demand. It is no coincidence that ladies who demand the best choose, and indeed return, to The Camp.

We're Green

environment-320x240.jpgThe Camp is an environmentally friendly company

We are proud of our environment and do our best to protect the area in which we live and work. We source locally sourced produce and use organic food where we can. We are also extremely diligent in the proper recycling of our rubbish. It is important not to leave any litter in the surrounding countryside and we encourage the shutting of doors and turning off of lights when they are not necessary. It is our countryside and our environment and we are there to look after it.



We Support You

Good early morning metabolic burn made fun & in a beautiful environment. What a great start to a sunny week. Well done girls & the team!

Posted by The Camp - 'drop a dress size in one week....' on Monday, 26 January 2015

At The Camp we offer continual and consistent support throughout the programme

On each course there is at least one team member who is a qualified medic thus ensuring there is always someone on hand in case of a medical problem or small injury. Our qualified Physiotherapist is in attendance at all times which in turn means that any ache and pain can be dealt with immediately and any physical questions answered. Nutrition plays a vital role in the body's performance and in achieving optimum weight loss. Our fully qualified nutritionist is on hand for one day to answer your questions and explain the philosophy of weight management in more detail. We ensure that there is always a female member of our team available. She is a good listener and offers a personal shopping service once or twice during the week.


At The Camp we offer support after the programme in order to maintain your objectives

We have created an exclusive members' club, which will give you recipes, motivational ideas, stretching and exercise tips. Our club newsletter is available to you if you add your name and email at the bottom of this page.

We're Healthy

nutrition-320x240.jpgThe world of nutrition and fitness is rife with fad diets and bogus claims that at best achieve short term weight-loss and, in some cases, can have adverse effects on health.

The Camp has its own nutrition and dietary expert and the menus she has designed will ensure safe but rapid weight-loss. The well-being of our clients is monitored on a daily basis. Results are achieved through a professionally designed diet constructed not only for the course, but also for long-term sustainable weight management and the accompanying boost in confidence. The Camp’s nutritionist will offer a nutritional information session and answer any specific questions that you may have.

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