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Learn how to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively

Many times we are asked how we manage to help our clients how to lose weight fairly quickly and how to do it safely and effectively (because we do!). We firmly DO NOT believe in dieting or starvation techniques - weight management is key, whilst enjoying your life, your food and your exercise regime. We work to the 80:20 rule where being sensible, for example, Monday to Friday but being able to enjoy yourself over the weekend, within reason, is paramount to a happy and fulfilling life. Building up your strength and fitness is key, whilst maintaining a healthy diet with three meals & two snacks per day.


Amy-320x240.jpgAmy, our nutritionist advocates that you MUST avoid any diet/low calorie/low sugar product, sweeteners and fizzy drinks of any sort. Drink as much water as you can every day and choose a varied and exciting exercise regime that you ENJOY and can maintain. More often than not this is based outside so that you can reap the benefits of fresh air and natural light.

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Speed up your metabolic rate

lose-weight06-320x240.jpgDuring the week at The Camp you will lose an average (dependent on height/BMI/effort) of between 5 – 7lbs. Do not be fooled by any other weight loss camps/programmes who claims to assist you by dropping over 7lbs in one week. This puts the body into ‘panic mode’ and once you get home the body starts to store fat in case you starve it again. Our programme speeds up your metabolic rate with a LOW to MEDIUM intensity programme (lots of increasing and decreasing of the heart rate) and variation in exercise using all the key fat burning muscles. The detox food programme cleanses the system (specifically the liver and kidneys) making how to lose weight much easier on return home.

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Learn Exercise Tips

lose-weight04-320x240.jpgWe use products that are low GI release so lots of oats, quinoa and couscous for example, plus a huge amount of coloured veg, non sugar filled smoothies and low fat protein. You will learn exercise and how to lose weight tips such as how to set up your own ‘Trim Trail’ and fat burning and cleansing food tips such as the addition of turmeric, cinnamon and wheatgrass to your food or smoothies. Everything we teach you is manageable and is certainly not dull and we appreciate the need to incorporate and introduce you to new ways of exercising that help you - Insanity, MetaFit and our very own Trim Trail! We want you to become fitter and healthier, whilst looking fit and toned, but not bulk up too much. You will lose inches off your waist, hips, arms and legs.


Easy to maintain

lose-weight01-320x240.jpgOn return home you will be armed with lots of ideas which are suitable for your hectic lifestyle. The menus are easy to follow and will give yourself and your family (if relevant) a balanced, healthy and easy to maintain programme to follow. You can AND WILL lose weight quite quickly but in a safe and manageable way that lasts long term . We will even offer great ‘carry out’ ideas, transportable ‘off to work’ options, suitable for all types of travel and we will offer you ways to act quickly and promptly when required – you are busy people and do not need any more hassle!

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