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Elle Magazine - I am Madem-ois-Elle

I'M LYING FACE D0WN in a puddle, can't motivate me to move faster. Not a chance, pal. I feel murderous. My face is smothered in sadistically sharp sand and a barnacle just scratched my right nipple.

Scottish Field - The Camp Reviewed by Kate Butler

The Camp makes a bold promise. That the right diet and high levels of sustained but varied exercise will deliver phenomenal results in just one week.

Sunday Mail Seven Days - Cat Harvey's Boot Camp

Cat Harvey, lover of grub and cheap Prosecco signed up and completed a week long fitness boot camp and lived to tell the tale...

Woman & Home - Midlife without a map

"My week at a fitness camp kick started a new figure and a whole new me!" Arlene Skelhorn, 40, lives near Stirling and is married, with a ten year old son. She went to The Camp fitness boot camp...

Now Magazine - I survived bikini boot camp!

Karen Dunn reports on The Camp; "when an email went round the Now office asking if anyone wanted to drop a dress size, the offer seemed too good to refuse".

D&G Life - When the going gets tough...

Erica Banks heads to Newton Stewart to tackle The Camp. "As I leaned all my weight on my suitcase and wrestled to zip it up, I began to wonder what I had let myself in for"...

Your Life - The Camp, Europe’s Premier Weight Loss, Toning & Fitness Programme

Should you want to drop a dress size, tone up or simply just get fitter, The Camp remains the longest established Boot Camp in the UK and Europe. We were the first to introduce the concept of week-long residential weight loss boot camps to the UK & Europe…

DIVA - Fit but you know it

Jane Czyzselska joins a week-long, women-only fitness bootcamp. "I am pushed to the limit of my strength - and often my patience. I'm crouching behind a dry stone wall, sheltering from the howling wind just a few hundred metres from a mountain peak in Sco…

Scottish Field - Witness the Fitness

Seb Morley uses his experience fighting for Queen and country with The Black Watch and The Special Forces to run ‘fitness holidays’ for women at The Camp – with very impressive results...

Top Sante - I went to Scotland to drop a dress size

I came back and threw away the scales! Determined to beat her yo-yo dieting habit, Top Sante's Samantha May, 26, went to The Camp in Scotland and found out that being a size 10 isn't everything in life.

Best Magazine - We went to boot camp to slim down for our weddings

Most brides-to-be want to lose a few pounds so they can look good on their big day. But some go the extra mile - or 10.

Zest Magazine - The Booted into Shape Camp

Korin Nolan loses inches and gains confidence, GI Jant style, on a military fitness camp in south-west Scotland.

The National - Survival of the fittest

Fitness holidays offer the chance to kick-start your routine in new surroundings...

Closer Magazine - Diet Boot Camp was Hell

Stephanie Clarkson writes about her time at The Camp for Closer magazine - but did drop a dress size in 7 days.

Natural Health Magazine rates The Camp

Does the thought of baring your body in a bikini fill you with complete and utter dread? Fear not!

Tatler - About Sebastian Morley, Director of the The Camp

After I came back from active operations I lurked around London for a while, but I really missed the Army and, most of all, I missed the boys. I needed a new challenge and the special forces is about as good a challenge as you can get.

Work Out Magazine - A military approach to getting in shape

It calls itself the most robust and challenging physical course of its kind in th UK. Workout reporter Mary Ferguson found out more about The Camp, designed for women taking a military approach to their waistlines.

Elle Magazine - The Hardcore Boot Camp

It's weigh-in day and from my room I hear screams of joy. I've lost six and a half pounds and am overjoyed at the new me in the mirror.

Tatler Spa - The Camp voted one of the best spas in the world

Tatler Spa guide 2009 voted 'The Camp' as one of the '101 best spas in the world'. The Camp is the only weight loss and fitness programme in the UK to feature and one of only six in the world that made the cut.

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