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DIVA - Fit but you know it

Jane Czyzselska joins a week-long, women-only fitness bootcamp. "I am pushed to the limit of my strength - and often my patience. I'm crouching behind a dry stone wall, sheltering from the howling wind just a few hundred metres from a mountain peak in Sco…

Work Out Magazine - A military approach to getting in shape

It calls itself the most robust and challenging physical course of its kind in th UK. Workout reporter Mary Ferguson found out more about The Camp, designed for women taking a military approach to their waistlines.

GQ - Fighting Fit

After the gluttony of Christmas, she'll want to start the New Year feeling fit and motivated. Pack her off to The Camp, a women-only fitness retreat located in the beautiful Dumfries and Galloway wilderness and run by ex-UK special forces instructors.