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Elle Magazine - I am Madem-ois-Elle

I'M LYING FACE D0WN in a puddle, can't motivate me to move faster. Not a chance, pal. I feel murderous. My face is smothered in sadistically sharp sand and a barnacle just scratched my right nipple.

Top Sante - I went to Scotland to drop a dress size

I came back and threw away the scales! Determined to beat her yo-yo dieting habit, Top Sante's Samantha May, 26, went to The Camp in Scotland and found out that being a size 10 isn't everything in life.

Best Magazine - We went to boot camp to slim down for our weddings

Most brides-to-be want to lose a few pounds so they can look good on their big day. But some go the extra mile - or 10.

The National - Survival of the fittest

Fitness holidays offer the chance to kick-start your routine in new surroundings...

Elle Magazine - The Hardcore Boot Camp

It's weigh-in day and from my room I hear screams of joy. I've lost six and a half pounds and am overjoyed at the new me in the mirror.

Sunday Herald - Body Combat

It's not for the faint-hearted, but a military-style boot camp could be the perfect way to kick-start the quest for physical perfection.

The Telegraph - The Boot Camp: Mud, Combat Training And Dawn Starts

Harry de Quetteville and Sarah Edworthy find alternative ways to burn off those extra Christmas calories at two very different fitness camps.