Onwards & Upwards!

Dear Ladies,

The last two Camps have been record-breaking in terms of client numbers. It has been lovely to meet so many new clients and to see so many of our fitter and slimmer returnees again. We are consistently praised for the quality of our team and for this we take such pride in what we offer.

When our camps are busier we add on an extra PTI so that the ratio of clients to our team are correct for safety and service. We also pull in additional kitchen support and arrange extra vehicles so that your comfort is our priority. Jane and Myra offer high-quality physio during the day for any niggles and our nutritionist Amy is always creating new menus and nutritional ideas.

Please don’t hesitate to ask Pauline for my contact details should you wish to have a discussion about anything with myself (including the longest zip-wire in Scotland!).

Take care ladies and have a fit and happy summer!

Kindest regards,
Sebastian & The Camp Team

The A-Team Complete The Tough Mudder!

At The Camp, our team practice what they preach! Myra, Jamie and Pauline completed the 11.6 mile ‘Tough Mudder’ at Drumlanrig Estate last weekend...

Myra said; "It was a great experience - full of fun and a lot of laughs. We found it challenging, but we were overjoyed that our team finished and we raised a decent amount for ‘Help For Heroes'. I am definitely keen to do it again next year!"

Jamie completed the course with his client and he also now holds the record for the greatest amount of press ups at the ‘Electro Therapy Shock' obstacle! We can safely say he is one tough cookie.

Watch Jamie at the Electro Therapy Shock obstacle!
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Jamie's ‘Perfect Butt’ Squat Tips!

Reasons to do Squats

1. Burn Fat
You may not think that squats can burn as much fat as a 5 mile run and you're probably right. However, squats may be a more efficient way of burning fat as this process occurs even after you have stopped exercising... something that doesn't happen with running.

2. Get Rid of Cellulite

The horrible dimpled skin on the back of your legs and butt can be beaten! Poor circulation is one of the main causes of cellulite. When you boost your blood flow through squats, your cellulite will soon start to reduce and may even disappear altogether!

3. Build Core Strength

The core is the most important part of the body. This is made of of the muscles, bones and joints that link the upper and lower part of the body. Squats are one of the best exercises for a strong core as we must engage the stomach muscles and lower back when performing them. Once you have a strong core, everyday tasks will become so much easier.

4. Tone your Abs, Legs and Butt

From just one simple exercise you can get a stronger core, glutes and legs. When performed properly there are few other movements that work so many muscle groups at once. For added toning, try a deeper squat over a parallel one, the butt muscles will be engaged 25% more in a deep squat!

5. A Low Impact Exercise

Many exercises can play havoc with your back, ankles and knees as they are so high impact but squats are the total opposite.They have been shown to cause no damage to knees if done correctly, with some studies shown that they can even strengthen the knees. This is true regardless of whether you are engaging in deep or parallel squats.

How to Squat Correctly:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward
  • Place your hands across your chest, look straight ahead with your chest high
  • Bend your knees, placing weight on the heels, and sit back
  • Keeping the head and chest upright, squat down until your elbows reach your knees
  • Hold for 5 seconds
  • Rise up, pressing through the heels and straighten out the hips until you are in the starting position
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Healthy, well balanced meals

At The Camp we take pride in serving healthy, well balanced meals that provide our bodies with the nutrients needed for a healthy body and lifestyle. The team all help serve and clear, thus offering our clients a smooth service. The dish pictured is organic free range chicken with spinach, quinoa, mango, pomegranate, micro herbs and a home made low fat yoghurt and garlic dressing. Yum.

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New Information Pack Design

Packed full of everything you need to know, from course details and accommodation to travel, dates and prices. Designed in collaboration with Pauline and Tom at Hurtle Creative. Grab your copy here.
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Another Lovely Testimonial from a Happy Customer

"Hi all at The Camp! I would just like to send you and the whole team at The Camp a big thank you for the week I had. I have gained so much more than just weight loss and inch loss. I have gained so much confidence in what I am able to achieve and how far I can push myself outside my comfort zone, in all sorts of ways. No matter what I never gave up and the staff saying I kept smiling through it all (even smiling while crying at one stage) has made me realise the positive attitude I have despite difficult circumstances. The pride I have in myself now is remarkable, so much more than any other therapy I have ever been to. Exercise really does fix all. I hope to be back next year in much better shape and to smash my timings and what I'm able to achieve. Thanks so much again."

Heather McLean

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