Scottish Field - The Camp Reviewed by Kate Butler

The Camp makes a bold promise. That the right diet and high levels of sustained but varied exercise will deliver phenomenal results in just one week.


Weight loss is very much a part of that promise, but will vary from person to person. The one certainty is that you will drop a dress size and dramatically increase your fitness.

The days are long and action packed with the first exercise session at 6 or 7am. There re three to five high-impact sessions a day, but these can be anything from good old fashioned circuits to dodge ball, fun relays or water-based activities - you don't need to be a swimmer. Indeed, many exercise sessions are so much fun there can be little perception of hard slog. Harder sessions are interspersed by more gentle slow-burn sessions and although for the most part people stay together in one group, everything is tailored to individual ability.

Hiking in the most stunningly beautiful surroundings is a big part of The Camp. It can vary from ambling along woodland paths to challenging hill walking. There are also adrenalin-fuelled activities like zip wires and abseiling or survival skills like foraging and wilderness camp building.

The food is excellent. Based on three meals and two snacks a day, it is delicious, nutritious, colourful and appetising. Regular coffee and tea are available, but limited; one does become an authority on herbal teas.

The fitness instructors are the great strength of The Camp. They are unfailingly good humoured, motivational, inspiring and understanding. They bring the absolute best out of everyone allowing us to discover strengths and abilities that have either lain dormant or we never knew we had in the first place.

When the end comes all too quickly you will have lost your dress size and probably pounds in weight. What you will have gained is a joie de vivre you may not not felt in many years. You will realise that no matter what your age, your weight or your fitness level, everything can be changed; everything can be turned around in a very short time.

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