Boot camp reviews, testimonials and success stories from our clients

Boot camp reviews

"The best I have ever done, with some of the best results"

"I am in front of the fire watching the rugby after returning from Spain last night. This Camp was the best I have ever done, with some of the best results - more than 10 inches off my waist and hips and 7.2lbs lost. You understated it when you said this new team of boys were amazing. We had the best laugh, the hardest exercise regime, the most collegiate and supportive group of women and two quite extraordinary, fun, supportive and encouraging instructors.

You have always had my loyalty because I believe and know that The Camp is still better than the competitors out there. I will look forward to chatting on Monday and to booking my place in March and next November."

K. Butler

Boot camp reviews

"Total genius!!"

"We all had a great time. Fraser and Craig were amazing. Some of the ladies who have been on a number of camps said that they were the best pair of instructors they have ever had and I'm not surprised - I have no idea how they kept morale so high, right throughout the week (no Black Tuesday or Wednesday) - total genius!!

All the activities were fun and enjoyable and the talks were fascinating. You should try and patent the warm up regime, which had us all laughing. There was a great, supportive atmosphere at ‘The Camp’ throughout the whole week whilst, at the same time, we were being pushed to our limits. It was both fun and strenuous.

Fraser and Craig are impressive and are a huge asset to your organisation. Any chance you can clone them?! I will certainly be returning to the camp in 2015. Also, two of my friends are interested in joining too, so I'll be discussing this with them early in the New Year. Once again, many thanks and I'll see you in 2015."

N. Rowland

Boot camp reviews

"This Camp is a one week wonder and their promise that you will drop a dress size doesn't begin to describe the long term benefits."

"You will discover that you are never too old, too overweight or too unfit to turn everything around. I had settled smugly into middle age with the matronly figure and hopelessly inadequate fitness regime to go with it. Of course I regretted the passing of the size 8/10, and the energy levels of my girlhood, and after many failed diets and an astronomically priced and largely unused gym memberships I accepted it.

Three years ago I had dinner with a friend who persuaded me to go to The Camp with her. By the time the cold light of sobriety dawned the next day, it was too late, I had given my word. It was, in terms of fitness and lifestyle, the best thing I have ever done. 

Initially the Camp is hard work, indeed for the first day or two your body doesn't know what's hit it but by the third or fourth day you really come to life. Above all else, there is so much fun and so much laughter. The programme is so cleverly designed and implemented that much of the time there appears to be very little perception of hard slog. You will burn as many calories playing school yard games as you will circuits, even the more conventional sessions can be hugely entertaining. By the end of the week you will feel you could do anything, physically mentally or emotionally.You will be supported, pushed and encouraged by an extraordinary team who are truly devoted to you. The instructors are kind, fantastically good humoured and empathetic but these guys are no pussycats. No matter what the circumstances, you know that they miss nothing and rigid safety precautions underpin everything you do. If anything ever did go awry, you couldn't be in better hands.

I am 20lbs lighter than I was three years ago and with no intervention other than exercise and healthy eating, I know that I look and feel as well as I possibly could for my mid fifties. I am no paragon of virtue, I still eat out a lot, drink more wine than I should and can go for weeks without exercise but the Camp has taught me that it ain't over till it's over and things can be changed back overnight. 

I go back to the Camp time and time again because I love it, but even one visit may be all it takes. My experience is an age range of late twenties to to mid sixties and a weight range of perhaps nine stone to eighteen stone. You can turn up alone but you will never be without a friend, never without support. You will discover strengths you never knew you had and because of this, a renewed self belief. You will meet wonderful people, probably form wonderful friendships and no matter what your age, get more out of life because of it."

Kate B.

Boot camp reviews

"The trainers were brilliant motivators, communicators & team leaders."

"They treated us all with respect whatever our fitness levels & I was so impressed with the fitness levels& felt 100% confident with the team. You should be proud of the company you have founded& the quality of staff & services you deliver."

S Boyle


Boot camp reviews

"This was possibly the toughest but most amazing experience of my life."

"I desperately wanted to drop a dress size and tone up in time for my May wedding to Simon and I had heard from friends that The Camp could offer me the long term results I was after. The team were so professional and supportive, whilst the results after only one week were astounding. There was great camaraderie with all the girls in the group and I still cannot believe how stunning the estate and surrounds were. What a beautiful place to spend a week and an experience I will never forget.

And as for my personal results...I lost 7lbs in the week and the week after, increased my muscle to almost 40%, dropped my percentage fat by 1.5%, lost 3cm off waist and 3cm off my hips! So the pain was worth the gain and with only 12 weeks to go I cannot wait to see how I look in my dress. See Ashley pictured 2 weeks before The Camp & 1 week after The Camp in the photos."

Name: Ashley Baird
Weight loss at The Camp: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)

320x240review02.jpg"I knew I had to do something fast..."

"So for the second year running the guy who sits next to me at work asked me to be part of a team to do “Trailwalker” which is a 100km (62ml) under 30 hours, non-stop hike for teams of four. For some unknown reason I opened my mouth and said yes, I am still positive I said no again!

So once we had found two other colleagues that were obviously as tired and hung-over as I was who also uttered that fateful word “yes” we were a quorum.

So the next stage was how do you train? Being labelled by “Trailwalker” as a veteran (even though I am a long way away from a bus pass) and still carrying a number of pounds too many from my year of travelling I knew I had to do something fast. My favourite hobby up until this time was lying on the couch on a Sunday reading fitness magazines. As I was flicking through I saw an advert for “The Camp” so I quickly turned on my laptop to find out more.

First thing Monday morning I phoned Pauline to book and a month later, armed with my kit list and travel instructions, I started to pack."

Name: Caroline Buchanan
Weight loss at The Camp: 10lbs (4.53kg)
Weight loss following The Camp: 8lbs (3.63kg)

Boot camp reviews

"One of the best things that I took from the experience were the friends that I met..."

On arrival we all met up and there was lots of nervous giggles as we were told about the activities of the week. It was amazing, there was no time to think about food and at no time during the week was I hungry. The food may have been small portions but Allan is the best cook in the world.

I was lucky enough to be put in “Euan's Darlings” and I maybe be a bit biased but he has got to be the best looking of a very good looking bunch which just made the exercise so much easier. Safety is paramount and the professional attitude of the trainers was great. I seemed to be the pack horse for the group, carrying lunch or extra water for anyone who needed it. This paid dividends at the end of the week when it came to weigh-in.

I was one of the first to be weighed being one of the “railway children” having to catch an early train, so I nervously stepped on the scales. I knew I had lost a little bit as I had felt my trousers loosen but I was so surprised when Bobby said “we have a big one here.” I thought "oh no he is talking about my bum as I did have my back to him at the time!!" Luckily it turned out he meant my weight loss as not only did I lose 10lbs but also 5% body fa in a week - unbelievable.

Back home, armed with lots of information about training from Euan, my recipes from Allan, survival skills from Sam and self defence from Matt I felt I could change my life and finish my training for the 100k walk! Within another 5 weeks I had lost another 8lbs and that is what I still weigh today several months later. Not a lb has crept back on.

One of the best things that I took from the experience were the friends that I met at “The Camp.” We had a first reunion two months after the event where we climbed Ben Nevis . I am looking forward to the adventure weekend and have booked with a few of my newly made friends another week at The Camp, but in Spain this time, I am looking forward to the luxury!

So the training has gone well for the 100k and the event is this weekend. Will I be at the finish line?? Absolutely, there is nothing stopping me now!

320x240review03.jpg"The week was tremendous, and taught me a lot about myself, my determination, and my body."

My name is Leanne Franklin-Smith, I'm a 30 year old research scientist living in Hampshire. I generally like to keep myself fit and healthy, but after a long unsuccessful battle with a plateau in my weight loss I joined The Camp in February 2008. I was so excited at the prospect of a whole week of working out, looking after myself, and learning about nutrition. The week was tremendous, and taught me a lot about myself, my determination, and my body. The guys who trained us were amazing, and so enthusiastic and motivating, that generally the exercise and long hours weren't a problem! It sounds so simple, but the main thing I learnt was that my body is my responsibility, and I should provide it with the best ingredients and protect it from as many chemicals etc as possible to get the best results back out of it. Although by the end of the week I was happy enough just with the experience I'd had, and the people I'd had the chance to meet, I was delighted that I'd lost 7.5lbs as well!

Name: Leanne Franklin-Smith
Weight loss at The Camp: 7.5 Lbs (3.40kg)
Weight loss following The Camp: 1 stone (6.35kg)

"I first went to The Camp in November 2008 filled with trepidation."

"I was 2 stone heavier than I am now, totally and utterly unfit, unable to run, unable to climb without getting out of puff and 14 months later, the transformation is utterly remarkable. You are not doing hard exercise all day, as The Camp does medium intensity exercise and you do some wonderful things like orienteering, abseiling, fire building, building shelters ans so much more. It is all great. Do go, you will have a life transforming experience."

D Moran

"The Camp has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life."

"I am a slight 'boot camp addict' & have attended similar style programmes in America, Europe & the UK. I've got to be honest though, out of all of them, The Camp has delivered the best short and longer term results, and the team are the most professional by far. They deliver on the week itself but I've lost more weight since I've got home. The big difference is that whilst the others offer a 'quick fix' and do give you an instant weight loss, they only focus on cutting calories and doing lost of aerobics through boring hiking....and to be honest, I quickly put the weight on again when I got home. What I really liked at The Camp is that you not only get great results at the end of the week.....but because you're actually learning how to raise your metabolism, you get ongoing results, even after you get home. I'm much more motivated and knowledgeable now about how to make those crucial lifestyle changes we all think about....but never actually get round to doing! And I'm seeing, and other people are seeing big differences! All that's great, but the really big thing for me was the team itself. They are just fantastic. It's a truly honest approach - they don't use gimmicks or so called 'celeb' endorsements. You won't see TV nutritionists, celebrities that want to restart their ailing career, or any 'beauty' gimmicks - what you see is what you get! They give everybody 'one to one' treatment and results that really make a difference - not only physically but mentally & emotionally - it will change your life forever!

I can't rate The Camp highly enough, and I won't be wasting my timewith any others again."

Dr Lisa Silver

"I've lost a further stone in weight, and I'm only halfway through!"

Having learnt at The Camp that I was wheat intolerant, upon returning home I immediately noticed an improvement in my energy levels and general health by cutting wheat out of my diet. I also realised how much I enjoyed making my body work for me, and how I wanted to find a way to be much more active in life. I was determined not to let these revelations go to waste.

I continued attending British Military Fitness, but was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of direction to my training. A few months later, I found the perfect solution to my restlessness - The Polar Challenge! I signed up to join a 320 nautical mile race from Resolute Bay in Canada 's North West Territories, to the magnetic North Pole!! This challenge starts in April 2010, and I've just completed my first year of training! There's been some definite hurdles to overcome, not least developing chronic compartment syndrome in both my calves which required 3 operations to correct, and an emergency evacuation from Dartmoor thanks to a very unhappy appendix! However, the thing that really keeps me going on the straight and narrow, is knowing that all the training, pitfalls and frustrations are all going to be worth it when I, hopefully, manage to raise a lot of money for Help for Heroes along the way. The charity, which provides facilities and rehabilitation aid to any military personnel injured in the line of duty, is a much needed resource, and one that is desperately needed and appreciated by those affected and their families. If you had said to me in January 2008 that I'd be working out 3+ hours a day, 6 days a week, running marathons and pulling tyres long distance I would never have believed you, especially if you'd have said I'd be enjoying it this much as well. I've made amazing friends, I've met truly remarkable people along the way and I've lost a further stone in weight, and I'm only half way through! It's remarkable how one little decision, sitting at your desk, stuck in a rut on a rainy winter morning, to take a week out and kick-start your fitness regime or weight loss can escalate into a 2 year training programme and a trek to the North Pole! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

320x240review04.jpg"For me it wasn't so much a case of 'how my life changed' but rather 'how I got a life!'"

For me it wasn't so much a case of 'how my life changed' but rather 'I got a life!' Without going into too much detail, my life really was rock bottom, I was on tablets to stop myself from attempting suicide (again), I hated myself, I hated being alive and having to go through the daily routine that lasted from getting up to going to bed, at night I tossed and turned, clenching my teeth so hard I destroyed them, but I just didn't care. I no longer cared about anything. One day while I was waiting to see my psychiatrist for my weekly session I picked up a Psychology magazine and started to flick through it. I saw the ad for The Camp, thought 'that looks interesting' and made a note of the web address.

My background to sport is this, (O) did you miss it? No it's just a big fat zero. I have, to be fair, attempted to run for about 5 years, but never managed, so I do charity walks (Race for Life) and that's it, 3-4 walks a year, nothing else. I haven't done any sport since I left school in 1964! At school I was rubbish, I would walk on the cross country, go to the baths just to play about, not swim. I did actually make it onto the rounders team one year, but only because I could hit the ball, not run the rounds or catch the ball.

Name: Mary Andrews 
Weight loss at The Camp: 5Lbs (2.27Kg) 
Weight loss following The Camp: 2 stone (12.7kg)

"I gained confidence, energy and a desire to live again."

I had seen Army training on TV and just thought, quite frankly I would have a heart attack and with any luck it would probably kill me. Anyway, I got home, checked the site and booked it there and then. I just told my husband I was going away for a week, he thought it was Champney's, he couldn't be further from the truth!

So what happened? I spent a week at The Camp, a week where I didn't have to think about my life. A week with people who didn't know me, didn't judge me, and rather than the 'Army mentality' I was expecting, I got treated with respect. I was for once, motivated, those simple words 'well done Mary' did more for me than any box of pills. Although I loved every day, I think the day that stands out more for me was when we crossed the freezing river. I got in the water and my chest closed up, I struggled to breathe, I realised I didn't want to die. My apologies to the director who came down that day because I can't remember his name, but he swam across with me, talking all the time and when I got out, I was stunned, everyone cheered! The actually cheered ME!

I lost 1” off my hips, 3” off my waist and 5lbs in weight. I gained confidence, energy and a desire to live again. I changed my diet, started going to the gym and decided I was going to do what I want to do and what I perceive is best for me.

Nine months later and where am I now?

On 1st May I finally exhibited my work on permanent display in a shared gallery. I sell my original art, prints etc. It's something I have wanted to do for years, but never had the confidence to go for it. I talk to strangers about my work, and people say it's wonderful and amazing.

I lost 2 stone since leaving The Camp and I have started to train for Triathlons. I couldn't swim, run and my bike riding was sort of ok. I have learnt to swim, my technique still needs a bit of tweaking but I can swim 20 lengths, unheard of last year. My running is still poor, I have had sciatica and some ligament damage, but I am working on it.

My best to date was the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool 54 mile bike ride yesterday. I was up at 5:30 and we set off about 8:10am, through the Mersey tunnel, great going in, nightmare cycling out (twice)! Anyone who tells you the Wirral is flat is lying! I did it in 3.5 hours, an average of 15 mph. I had a guy stop by me at the lights on the way back, he said, ‘god you're fit' he had been trying to catch me for the last 5 miles and at one point I was doing over 22mph! Did I feel good, no, I felt great!

I am doing my first triathlon on 22nd August, it's a relay so you do each discipline but with a rest in between, then my first solo 30th August and just to top it off on 19th September another one, this time with a 750 meter open water swim!

All the things that were destroying me last year, are still there, locked away. But now I have ME, I still hear the lads voices saying ‘take your time' and ‘well done', but now I also have friends. I joined the Warrington Triathlon Group and I train with them. I get left behind on the hills when we go out cycling, but they wait for me and sometimes when its flat-ish I even get to be in front.

I may not win with my memoirs, but I am a winner, I gave you my shattered mental existence and you gave me a life. I will never be able to thank you enough. Thank you.

My photos are 9th October before Camp and 20th November.

Mary Andrews

Boot camp reviews

"I am glowing with health and vitality and it was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had!"

‘I had an absolutely fantastic week and I thoroughly enjoyed the week and all the activities - my clothes are fitting me nicely now! It was brilliantly run, the team were fantastic and was inspiring on many levels. I felt so mentally cleansed by the experience and we were all so very fortunate to be there and to be in such a lovely place and with such lovely weather - I also made some cracking friends too and fear that I am going to be one of those repeat offenders! I am glowing with health and vitality and it was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had! Please pass on my very best to all the guys and Helen and my heartfelt thanks for everything they put into it.'

Jackie Lewellyn-Bowen

Boot camp reviews

"The Camp changed my mindset and helped turn my life around."

‘I had suffered for 7 months with depression. The Camp changed my mindset and helped turn my life around. It is so true that ‘The Camp' is the perfect remedy for anyone with negative feelings or lack of esteem following a break up, bereavement, a divorce or similar. The course sends you home full of self confidence and positive energy feeling great about yourself. I cannot tell you how good I felt throughout the whole week and even better when given the results! It takes you right back to basics as there are no fancy clothes/ make up/hair – it's just you and the rest of the girls….! It was amazing what we achieved in only one week and I have gone forward with my life with renewed hope and enthusiasm.Although the week has ended the support has not, from both The Camp and "the girls."What a fantastic experience – thanks to the awesome team at The Camp!'

Linda Scott

Boot camp reviews

"A truly amazing team."

A massive thank you to all of you. You are a truly amazing team. The whole experience was made by those brilliant chaps who kept us going. I think they each deserve a Victoria Cross !

Hazel Kenmore - Scotland

Boot camp reviews

"I appreciated the unfailing patience and encouragement from the instructors."

I haven't quite calmed down after the euphoria of having such a great time and as an added benefit losing 10lbs, 2 inches from my waist and 1.5 from my hips and regaining some abs and muscles in my arms. I opted for The Camp mainly for a week of outdoorsy exercise rather than primarily for weight loss but I am fantastically pleased with what you helped me to achieve. Several people have commented on how well I look generally and how I am (rather too) full of energy, the boys at work are all very envious of all of the fun things that I did, and I feel as if I have been away for a month rather than just a week (in a good way).

I particularly wanted to say how much I appreciated the unfailing patience and encouragement from the instructors. It can't be easy having to cope with such a range of fitness and, even within a group, they were absolutely charming - always knowing who was slightly struggling on each exercise and quietly dropping back to spur them on. On the abseil (which was not my finest hour!), when I was shaking like a girl at the top of the rock, they talked me through it and never once gave the impression that they wanted to tell me to pull myself together and get on with it, which I am sure they all felt.

I glided, rather than ran, into work this morning and though pounding London pavements is miserable compared with being in the hills, I was bursting to get out of the door after 2 days of enforced rest and I am definitely back in the running game. I even managed to knock 5 mins off my pre-Camp time by using something said on the last evening - pain is unfitness leaving the body, which I love. I am now eyeing The Advanced Fitness group in Scotland as my next objective.

Emily A - London

Boot camp reviews

"I am delighted that I lost 12 lbs and I am determined that this is only the start."

Just a short note to thank the staff for all their efforts last week and I am delighted that I lost 12 lbs and I am determined that this is only the start. The staff are so professional and due to their professionalism I attempted the activities I did knowing I could trust them.The food was fantastic too - I will be back & would love to join you in Spain!

Frances Harvais - Sussex

Boot camp reviews

"Thanks for a truly great week."

Please pass on all my thanks to everyone. They looked after us so well and gave us all so much fun, inspiration, knowledge and enthusiasm - well beyond what might be expected. When I think about how awful a week like this could be if done the wrong way by the wrong people it gives me chills. But I'm only aware of it now because I've truly seen the masters at work. I had a ball and loved every minute of it, even the bit where I was cursing in the boxercise class and I appreciate the effort they put in more than I can say. Having lost a whopping 8 and a half pounds I'm back on track with my exercise plans and I sincerely hope to be able to do another camp at some point in the future.

Catriona Craig - London

Boot camp reviews

"What can I say. I had quite the most extraordinary time."

A wonderful group of girls, an even better group of boys and experiences I will never forget. I haven't stopped talking about it all since my return and my boys can't quite believe what I got up to!!!! We just had so much fun, learnt so much or achieved so much! Consummate professionals at all times, sensitive in knowing who needed what when, forever encouraging and supportive and all delivered with a wonderful sense of humour. While we learnt to change gears, feed abseil ropes and build 1* shelters - they, in turn, learnt about dry leg oil and face creams!!!!!! An experience never to be forgotten! Thank You.

Fiona Horbye - Scotland

Boot camp reviews

"I will definitely go back next year."

“If ever you want to attend a course that actually makes you lose weight, get fitter or both, this is The Camp for you. The Camp is set in stunning surroundings, has a chef that makes delicious and outstanding meals and a team of instructors and organizers that are professional to the fingertips but also have the social capacity; a great combination that makes them unique in a setting like this. I thought I had an idea of what to expect when arriving on a Saturday afternoon, 45 years old and mother of three, but no, I could not have anticipated this. Remember, they do guarantee you 1 size down in a week, so be prepared that this is not going to be a walk in the park. But the brilliant thing about it all is that no matter your fitness status you can attend this Camp as you will be divided into different groups according to your fitness level.

It has been challenging both physically and mentally, you are on the go from 06-20. The thing is that your body does get sore, which you would expect, but then Gael is there for you. They have organized the schedule so cleverly that you use your body in a different way the whole day – and the best of it all is that you don’t know what you are going to do until the previous lesson is over. I must admit there were moments I hoped that “Scotty would beam me up – and away”, but after a strenuous session you feel sooo good. I’d like to thank all and every one at the Camp for making this a week I’ll never forget, and a lot of knowledge to bring with me back home to Norway.

Thanks to Pauline for all your positive mails – your boost of vitality and positivity. To Gael for looking after us and who gives the best and most effective massage ever - highly recommended. Tony, the Chef and Culinary Master. His meals where the highlights of the camp – I really miss his soups. Dale, The Organizer, lots of hard work lies behind a Camp this efficient and well organized. The original will always be! Thanks to the Pink Ladies and Team Paramount. I will definitely go back next year, would love to go to Spain.”

Pia Cernic - Bergen Norway

Boot camp reviews

"Dear Super-humans..."

Just a quick thank you email to all of you now I’ve managed to settle back to planet Louise London.

Words cannot even begin to relate the experience and emotions of The Camp last week…absolutely every part of every day was overwhelming and completely inspiring at the same time…who would of thought a bunch of women could actually keep going and rising to the challenges you set (with a minimal amount of whining!). So a huge thank you to each of you for an amazing holiday/experience - needless to say my team are currently being “encouraged” to start running with me at lunchtime and we’re negotiating an hour shut down of the practice so we can all share a meal together (not obviously as amazing as the food but as nutritious as we can make it – my design assistant Dru has taken on this challenge and she’ll be checking out the website for all the hints and tips you’ve offered on eating and nutrition (minus muesli bars or seeds)).Hopefully, we’ll be the fittest Arch’s in London town this time next year as I already have everyone’s commitment to ride the London to Brighton next June!

Just about to sign up for the advanced section next year myself and expect a few of my girlfriends to be rolling through over the next year.

Louise McDonnell - London

Boot camp reviews

"Just don't lose any weight before the wedding'. Oops."

"It's now less than a month before my wedding, and two weeks since I left The Camp. I was amazed to have lost 8lbs in my week at The Camp - and 3 inches off my hips, and 2.5 inches off my waist! - and even more amazed that I have continued to lose another 5-6 lbs in the weeks after. I am so afraid of my wedding dress alterations lady right now!! She is going to KILL ME, as she said specifically "just don't lose any weight before the wedding". Oops. I am going to claim a catastrophic illness or something. I guess it's not a bad beating to take however ..."

Danika Kauneckis - London

Boot camp reviews

"Beautifully organised and with great panache."

I didn’t get the opportunity to thank you properly for a splendid week, beautifully organised & with great panache. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed myself. It was so different from anything I normally do but that was the great thing about it. You are right to be proud of your concept & achievement. I can see how much hard work went into planning ‘The Camp’ & it has paid dividends. I don’t need to tell you to beware of imitators but in this case I believe the original will be the best! I wish you every success with the future, not that you will need it!

Lis McEwan, Manchester

Boot camp reviews

"My body has changed completely – 5lbs lost, 5cms off my waist & 5cm off my hips!"

I wanted to attend the programme because it’s my thing (exercising all day sounds like heaven to me), and really didn’t think that I would lose much weight. My body has changed completely – 5lbs lost, 5cms off my waist & 5cm off my hips! I am seriously fit and teach high impact classes 5xs a week. So, even if you don’t think you have much to lose, you will tone up and shape up. And also the differentiation in ‘The Camp’ is amazing – I felt challenged, despite my fitness (I don’t mean to sound big headed there – but there will be other fit people who would think, will I get anything out of The Camp?).

‘The Camp’ is so much more than a weight loss week – it helps people have the space to make decisions, evaluate their current lives etc and the friendships that are built up are so strong.

Liz Melrose, London

Boot camp reviews

"Thanks to all of you for making ‘The Camp’ one of the best experiences I have ever had."

I loved the mix of physical activities with the team building ones – what a great way to exercise. I have lots of great memories to take away with me & many things to continue with at home.

Sally Houghton , London

Boot camp reviews

"Will I stop dreaming of you guys saving us in fast flowing rivers?"

I wanted to say a huge thank-you for my week at ‘The Camp!’ Obviously I naturally had my doubts but I have been blown away by the experience! Apart from the obvious benefits (a trimmer waist line!) I left feeling totally re-energised with lots more gumption! The success of the week goes to you guys – your continual support, positivity & belief which was invaluable to our success. You made us feel so safe which allowed us to come out of our comfort zone & made us feel we had accomplished something, besides just weight loss.

The negatives of the week….how will I go back to my 9-6 office job? Will I stop dreaming of you guys saving us in fast flowing rivers….?! I really look forward to the advanced section next time & allowing you guys to push me out of my zone and realising you can achieve lots with the right attitude!

Abbie Griesman, London

Boot camp reviews

"Fantastic week - I really enjoyed it."

The staff, structure & fellow campers have all been brilliant. All the staff were exceptional. The instruction was great as was all the varied activities. I am SO pleased as I lost 9lbs - 1 1/2'' off my waist & 1 1/2 off my hips. I was expecting to only lose 3lbs or so as I did not have much to lose. I am quite fit so it was very unexpected. I am SO impressed with the whole week - thank you all so much.

Caroline Syson, St Albans

Boot camp reviews

"All of the team were great - very motivational & enthusiastic."

They made each session bearable and were very positive & patient in their approach towards all of us, especially the weaker members of the team.The regime, the people & the venue were all fantastic. Now I have been weighed in the whole effort has been so worthwhile - I lost 9lbs and 8 1/2 inches in total - woohoo!

Lisa-Marie Smith, Loughton, Essex

Boot camp reviews

"I had a fantastic time with all the challenges and achievements."

The course, instructors, food, activities, organisation and safety were all excellent and I cannot see where there is room for improvement. It is a great thing to do to kick start a fitness/life changing programme. It was tough in parts for me, but this makes the achievement all the more greater - thanks a million!

Louise Morrisy, Paris, France

Boot camp reviews

"An awesome week."

The guys were all great and provided the required motivation when needed. The food was superb & I enjoyed all the lessons - a great week with a 9.5lbs weight loss. I have booked again so thank you!

Amy Gough, Crowthorne, Berkshire

Boot camp reviews

"I lost 6lbs exactly - I am very pleased"

Thanks to The Camp staff & group encouragement. The boys were great - encouraging without being patronising or making you feel as if you were rubbish! If the PT instructors lived near to me I would want them to be my personal trainers! I'd never considered a personal trainer before, but I might do now.....mind you they'd have high standards to live up to. I left on a real high.

Liz Greenwood, Southampton

Boot camp reviews

"This is the best thing I have ever done!"

I can't believe how slick & well organised everything was. I didn't know what to expect but it surpassed everything I could have hoped for - the impressive skills of Alan, the infectious enthusiasm of Karl, the experience & cool headedness of the team and their calm professionalism - all top notch! This is the best thing I have ever done!

Elizabeth McEwan, Manchester

Boot camp reviews

"Amazing results - really pleased."

I thought the whole course was very well run, good value for money & extremely enjoyable, despite being hard at times. The PTI's were very encouraging and the whole course put me slightly outside my comfort zone which was great - 2 inches off my waist - gotta be happy with that! Amazing results - really pleased, so thanks everyone for all your hard work in helping me to achieve this.

Liz Carrington, Fulham, London

Boot camp reviews

"I loved every minute of it, hard work but well worth it."

I am a 'fitness junkie' and have attended weekly courses like this all over the States & Europe. The Camp beats all the others hands down & is hugely professional! The instructors were great and it was wonderful to be with people who know what they were doing. If I was younger I'd join the army, if only for the eye candy!

Maggie Rowell - Client and Member of British Military Fitness

Boot camp reviews

"Does it work? Absolutely."

I lost 7lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 10. More importantly, my body feels more toned than it ever has - even my consistently flabby arms became more defined. I feel more confident in a bikini than I probably have all my life, and all my clothes seem a size too big. I'm seriously impressed, and the entire group was keen to rebook for next year.

Vishaka Reed - Easy Living

Boot camp reviews

"I have now lost 8lbs and feel great."

I wanted to thank my fellow campers and the superb instructors for all their support and encouragement during my week at The Camp. I had an incredible experience despite some really tough challenges but everyone there helped me to make it through to the next task. I really felt that I pushed myself to the limit during the week but it has made me more determined to do more and so what if my leg muscles hurt a bit - all of us had sore muscles for days and it didn't stop us! I have now lost 8lbs and feel great, my Mother In Law says that I haven't stopped glowing since I came back. Thanks again to everyone, I will recommend it to all my friends and hope to see you next time as I will definitely be back.

Nikki Welsh

Boot camp reviews

"I've lost 5cm from my waist and 4cm from each thigh."

'I've lost 7lbs, taking me to 11st 5lbs, and have gone from a size 16 to a 14. I've lost 5cm from my waist and 4cm from each thigh. Between us we've shed 6st - what a result! The Camp was my toughest physical challenge ever, but it works. A week on, I've dropped a further 2lbs and my skin looks amazing.'

Stephanie Clarkson - Closer Magazine

Boot camp reviews

"I lost 6cms from my waist."

I have just returned from the April course and all ten girls on the course had a fantastic week ...truly exhausting but so worthwhile. We all lost between 4 and 8 lbs and came away fitter and leaner; I lost 6cms from my waist. It was non stop activity led by the most professional ex soldiers. We abseiled, did river crossings and were kept in our fat burning zones throughout the week. All the girls were there independently and gelled so well as a group. Tony ensured we were fed & we had about 1500 calories a day, but burnt off about 5000 a day it was very effective!

We would all do it again! SO thanks for the feature it has truly changed my whole outlook to exercise and food”

Lena Jones

(Having heard about The Camp on LBC Radio, Lena Jones sent the following email to them; “After listening to Helen Oades on your show, the clinical nutritionist for The Camp based in Dumfries, I went on the web site booked a place.")

Boot camp reviews

"It has certainly made a huge difference to me."

I'm not quite sure what Vulcan mind tricks the guys employed, but something has definitely changed ever since I got back. I arrived back in London late Saturday afternoon. Rather than doing the much necessary washing of sports kit, I left the house again, headed to the next shop and into the changing room with a size 12 pair of jeans. I could, and still really can't, believe that they truly fit. Needless to say I bought them! After the shopping trip I raided the local health food shop for all things seeds and fibres. Dinner consisted of pea and mint soup (of course sprinkled with pumpkin seeds) and oat crackers while the washing was finally being done. Early Sunday morning I found myself not only going for a jog through St James Park but actually stopping at every park bench to do crunchies, sit ups, push ups - and even dreaded star jumps! Since then, I have joined BritMilFit, started doing weights at the gym and squeezed in a 10K hike and a 20K bike ride. No wonder it feels much longer than just 5 days since the end of The Camp. It has certainly made a huge difference to me and I am hoping the good habits I picked up will long continue. I will certainly be back for a refresher next year!

Ulrike Till

Boot camp reviews

"A fantastic weight loss of 7.5lbs!"

‘I wanted to write to thank you all very much indeed for the opportunity to be a part of ‘The Camp’ last week. As you are all aware I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have reaped the benefits of the exercise regime, dietary advice and fitness plan with a fantastic weight loss of 7.5lbs! It appears that I have renewed energy and my cupboards are now full of low fat protein and fibre, much to the disgust of my ever-suffering husband! I would recommend this to anyone I know who wants a quick fix and a life changing experience!’

Linda Gregory

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